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2019 Workshops

Why does my child do that?

Our children's behaviour constantly challenges us as parents.  We are exhausted by their need for control, their lack of respect & reciprocity, their insistence on instant gratification and their constant demands and defiance.  We are confused about how to manage ourselves and them so that we can shift these behaviours and live life in a calmer, simpler way.  As parents, we are depleted by the constant need for direction, management and attention that our children see to need.

Join me for my exclusive workshop, where you will learn everything you need to know about why our children display these behaviours and how to change them.  I want to take the confusion away and provide you with a clear path forward out of the chaos.  

This will be my only workshop in 2019 on behaviour so don't miss out!

24th February 2019 

Raising our children

As parents today, our priority appears to be that our children feel loved and I must say, we are exceptional at that.  Feeling loved is indeed a crucial part of childhood, BUT it is not the only part and certainly not the most important. 

Today we seem to be missing the whole point of childhood.....for children to develop the skills they need to become happy, grounded, independent adults.  We often struggle as parents today to raise our children in a way which develops the internal skills they need to help them manage their life with ease. 

Join me and discover what those internal skills are and how we can balance our need as parents to love and protect our children, with our children's need for development, so that we raise them to become healthy, happy adults.

It is our responsibility to provide our children with the best possible foundation.  

Come and learn how.

5th May 2019 

Understanding my wife

A rare opportunity for partners to gain an intimate insight into the issues that concern and worry their wife.  Partners will gain a deeper understanding of their wives anxiety and depression, feelings of loneliness, their need for control, perfection, order & routine, as well as the overload they feel on a daily basis and how this blocks their desire for intimacy.  Partners will gain an understanding of how their wives brain works and how to work together to achieve the family life they want.  

Find our what your partner really needs to create the family life you want. 

4th August 2019 

Enjoying motherhood

Come and learn why we as mothers are struggling to enjoy motherhood.  We love our children, but don't necessarily love being a mother....why not?

We longed for children right?

Join me and I will show you the difference between "parenting" and "mothering" and how our lack of understanding of these two separate parts of raising our children is preventing us from loving motherhood. 

We spend almost 90% of our time parenting......which is monotonous, boring, depleting and draining and only about 10% of our time mothering.....which is where all the good stuff happens. 

Come and learn how to re-balance the two so you can get on with enjoying this beautiful gift that motherhood is.

3rd November 2019 

My Child Who Worries - Melbourne

In our busy, overloaded and over stimulating lifestyles today, children are struggling to cope, families are suffering and parents are finding it difficult to know how to help their little ones.

Worry, and its most severe form, anxiety, among children today is at epidemic proportions.  In fact it is the fastest growing mental health issue for children.  It can cripple them and cause huge disruption to their and your lives.  

Childhood is a time for fun, but instead our children often find themselves worrying, over-thinking things, unable to detach from us, unable to enjoy simple things due to fears, constantly pulling on us for direction and support. They require constant attention and often develop rules their parents "have" to follow in order to make the day pass without a tantrum. This drains us and debilitates them.

You can create change and more easily than you think. Come and learn how to shift their feelings and free your child from the debilitating effects of worry and anxiety.
Don't feel helpless anymore. Stop the confusion & upset & find a clear path forward for you & your child.

24th March 2019 

Nicole Kingston 2019 Season ticket

This season ticket gives you access to all four of Nicole Kingston's 2019 Hobart workshops, a more than 25% discount, held in the Hodgkin Hall at the Friends School, New Town. This includes:

24th February - Why does my child do that?

5th May - Raising our Children

4th August - Understanding My Wife

3rd November - Enjoying Motherhood

With no PDF in sight (everyone knows a PDF can't help a child!), Nicole wants to support and inspire parents to raise resilient, self-regulating, emotional savy children.  With modules covering sleep, eating, play, behaviour and calm parenting, FamilyWise shows you how to create the environment that allows your little one the space to develop everything they need to navigate the difficult life they find themselves in.  It's easy...log on, watch the videos at home and gain constant access to Nicole's guidance and proven strategies, her fortnightly live chats, a private facebook group and access to her team daily.

YOU can nail it with FamilyWise

This is an invitation to truly enjoy, not just endure, parenting. Join me and start the fun!

here's a few of the easy to use modules on familyWise... 

calm parenting 

First, let me show you how to become calm and grounded.  How to become resilient so that you can create the change you want without struggle.  

the tools you need

Next I will equip you with the things you need to create the change as quickly and easily as possible.

creating the changes

Now let's create the changes! Let's do it together! I will give you easy to use proven strategies, step by step to create change in sleep/feeding/play and behaviour.

Hi Nicole - just a quick note to say I've been binge-listening to your program and it's fabulous! I wish wish WISH I'd had this when my littlies were babies, especially my first. Yours is a voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic time. Thanks again x

FamilyWise mum

FamilyWise Online Program "Nicole Kingston"

FamilyWise mum

Hi Nicole - just a quick note to say I've been binge-listening to your program and it's fabulous! I wish wish WISH I'd had this when my littlies were babies, especially my first. Yours is a voice of reason in an otherwise chaotic time. Thanks again x

Plus these great tools to help you along the way

Newsletter: The FamilyWise news letter, full of stories, articles, profiles of other mummies and lots lots more to have a read of over a glass of wine. 

Access Nicole's private Facebook group and chat with other mums who are trying to implement change just like you.  Nicole and her team visit the group daily to answer any questions and help in any way they can.  

Access Nicole's fortnightly live Q&A, ChatWise where you can ask Nicole questions directly and she can talk you through the answer.  You can ask her any question at all!! These sessions are recorded and added to the FamilyWise home page so you can always access them. This alone is valued at $150!

 A regular webinar, WiseWords, with Nicole & other experts in Child Development. Topics covered are all related to raising our little ones today.  These are also recorded and popped on the site for you.

Constant email access to Nicole and her team, whose prompt responses will answer any questions you have about how your little one is progressing 

Get to know Nicole

Nicole Kingston is a mother of four and has been working with families in their homes for over twenty years. Through her work hundreds of families have discovered how simple and fun raising their little ones can be.  Nicole is passionate about empowering parents to raise their children to become kick-ass adults, understanding that what they do today influences their children's resilience and independence.

Nicole initially specialised in children on the Autism Spectrum, then extended her work to any families experiencing difficulties after she began having her own children and realised the need for consistent, simple and nurturing in-home support for parents.   Nicole was a state finalist for Australian of the Year and has appeared on numerous television programs and newspaper articles.  Her many speaking engagements include the World Association for Infant Mental Health, Edinburgh 2014 as well as national and world Autism association conferences.  

Her programs help to raise resilient, self-regulating children while showing parents how to create calm, flexible and free homes.  Now her amazingly easy approach to restoring calm is available to you via the FamilyWise program. Nicole will guide you through the steps you can take to help your little one become calm, independent and able to self-regulate.  With a combination of easy to follow videos, email access to Nicole's team, a fortnightly Q&A live chat session, regular interviews with experts in the area, and so much more, you'll be amazed at how easy your home life can be.

Nicole wants to support and nurture parents so they can delight in their children.

"I want to inspire you to raise kick-ass kids, ready to take on the most challenging environment in history. The sooner we start the easier it is & the simpler life is for you and your little ones" Nicole 

Nicole's other

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